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2019 Electric Vehicle Survey

Last week, CarGurus released the findings of the second annual Electric Vehicle Survey. We surveyed 1,702 automobile owners on their sentiments towards electric vehicles (EVs) and found that consumer interest in purchasing EVs is growing. 45% said they will probably own an EV in the next 10 years—up 11% over last year’s results. Even more significant, 26% of consumers said they intend to purchase an EV in the next five years, nearly double the number reported in 2018 (15%). Other key findings include:

  • Toyota and Tesla are the most popular brands among shoppers that are likely to consider an EV in the coming months, but Tesla has the strongest brand perception.
  • While car shoppers are still more likely to purchase gas or diesel-powered vehicles, many consider EVs a real option. Among those who expect to purchase a car in the next six months, over one-third would probably/definitely consider a hybrid EV and a quarter would probably/definitely consider an EV.
  • Most shoppers plan to keep their options open on fuel-type, and will consider both gas/diesel-powered and electric vehicles.
  • Vehicle price and the lack of charging infrastructure are still the primary barriers to purchasing EVs.

To learn more about why shoppers choose EVs, download the full CarGurus 2019 Electric Vehicles Survey Findings.