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2019 Buyer Insight Report

For the second year in a row, CarGurus analyzed the shopping journeys of more than 3,000 car buyers across different segments to get an in-depth look at today’s complex purchase process. Our research found that, while each buyer segment (e.g., CPO, luxury, truck, etc.) has their own unique approach to car shopping, nearly all (96%) rely on auto-shopping sites like CarGurus. Other key findings include:

  • Auto shoppers have a lot of decisions to make, and over half are uncertain about key decisions, like what and where to buy.
  • Shoppers’ research spans many sites and devices. On average, shoppers visit 13 sites. And compared to a year ago, 36% more shoppers use a combination of mobile and desktop to conduct that research.
  • Different shopper segments research in different ways. CPO buyers make decisions pragmatically, which contrasts with luxury buyers’ rushed approach. Truck buyers work independently, while millennials leverage their entire social network.
  • Looking forward, categories may rise and fall in popularity, but car ownership is here to stay. Innovation will more likely impact how people buy cars, rather than whether they buy.

By providing an understanding of how consumers navigate the process, the insights in this report lay a foundation you can use to best serve each shopper’s individual needs. For more information, download the full CarGurus 2019 Buyer Insight Report.