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2018 Buyer Insight Report

What goes into the car buying journey for the average auto shopper?

At a time when consumers are more indecisive than ever about key decisions, from what vehicle to purchase to which dealership to buy from, this question is crucial. The 2018 Buyer Insight Report provides answers. The report analyzes the digital purchase paths of more than 3,000 auto shoppers, giving an in-depth look at today’s complex car shopping process. Key findings include:

  • There’s a low degree of brand loyalty among repeat auto buyers, with 69% switching brands
  • Because of shoppers’ uncertainty about decisions like vehicle model, make, and the approximate price they’re willing to pay, 74% research and compare exhaustively
  • 91% of shoppers use third-party auto shopping sites while shopping, visiting 13+ times on average—more than any other category of auto site
  • 60% of shoppers continue to fact-check on a mobile device during negotiations at a dealership

Additionally, the report breaks down what makes key auto-shopping segments unique, from Millennials to truck buyers. Dealers can use these valuable insights to better target and reach ready-to-buy shoppers and, ultimately, sell more cars.

Here’s Madison Gross, CarGurus Director of Customer Insights, discussing some of the key findings.

To learn more about today’s digital auto shoppers and how to win them, read the full CarGurus 2018 Buyer Insight Report here.