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Merchandising Best Practices for Your VDPs

Car shoppers conduct hours of online research before contacting dealerships. They’ll consider a number of vehicles from several different websites, with 72% of shoppers relying on at least 3 sites and 27% using 7 or more.

While all of this choice is great for shoppers, it means the marketing landscape is more competitive than ever for dealers. Each of your listings must be optimized to maximize click-throughs from SRPs – and encourage shoppers to fill out a lead form and learn more.

CarGurus features millions of listings, and serves tens of millions of shoppers every month. That means we know what distinguishes great VDPs from not-so-great ones.

Download this whitepaper to read our advice for improving your VDPs. You’ll be on your way to more leads with these auto merchandising tips.

Read the VDP best practice whitepaper.