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Why We’ve Activated SSL – And You Should Too

Posted by Ashley Karr on August 8, 2016

Next time you visit your bank’s website – or – take a look at the full URL. You’ll see “https” instead of “http” at the beginning of the URL, signifying that you’re accessing the site via a secure connection.

Now, the same level of security you expect for your personal or financial information is being used on What prompted us to enable SSL on the CarGurus dealer blog? There are actually a few reasons.

1) Security

SSL connections provide an added layer of security, encrypting all communications between your browser and our content.

That means you can fill out one of our webinar or whitepaper forms with confidence that only CarGurus (and HubSpot, which hosts the domain) will ever see your data.

2) User perception

Because SSL is the gold standard for website security, it can make visitors to a site more confident that their information will be protected.

This is particularly important for us, as we handle potentially sensitive dealer data. We take privacy seriously – we never rent or sell the information that dealers provide us, and take all reasonable precautions to limit access to that information.

3) Google love

Maybe the most salient reason for you to consider activating SSL is a tweak in Google’s algorithm that favors secure sites. As Google explained two years ago, it now uses HTTPS as a “ranking signal” – i.e., a factor in how pages rank in Google search.

We have noticed that HTTPS is gaining importance in Google’s algorithm. Analytics company Ahrefs found the same thing in a look at 2 million searches, leading them to recommend switching to HTTPS.

For us, activating SSL was simple. Our HubSpot account team handled the process in the backend, registering our domain with a security certificate provider. Then, all we had to do was enable SSL in our HubSpot settings, and require HTTPS to be used for all connections to

If you’re interested in going down the SSL path, talk to your website host – they will be able to point you in the right direction, and may even be able to do the heavy lifting for you.

Safe browsing!

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