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What’s Hot on the CarGurus Consumer Blog: February 2016

Posted by Ashley Karr on February 22, 2016

Did you know CarGurus has a blog for car shoppers? You may – it’s been around a lot longer than GuruU and has thousands of monthly readers.

In this monthly feature, we’ll share the consumer blog’s most popular posts from the previous month. Understanding what our users are reading can help you market more effectively to your customers.

So which posts did CarGurus shoppers find most appealing in January?

Topic Post Title
Industry news Jerry Seinfeld Sends $10 Million Worth of Porsches to the Auction Block
Shopping tips Five Tips for Test-Driving a New-to-You Car
Industry news How to Enjoy a New England Winter Weekend Without Snow
Personal story What Car Made You Fall in Love With Cars?
Car reviews 10 Cars We’d Happily Let Do the Driving

As you can see, the most popular posts related to 1) automotive news and 2) shopping tips. 

Surprised to hear this?

It so happens that both auto enthusiasts and ordinary auto shoppers read the CarGurus consumer blog. This is part of a broader trend in auto shopping: Car and Driver recently revealed that car-shopping sites like CarGurus are the No. 2 source of shopping info for both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. (The No. 1 info source for enthusiasts is car magazines, while for non-enthusiasts it’s a tie between Consumer Reports and dealerships.)

seinfeld-collection-porsche.jpgYou can take these factors into account in your own customer outreach.

First, consider that your customer base is made up of both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts.

Second, think about what kinds of marketing tactics will appeal to each type of shopper. Your enthusiast customers may be interested in new-car or auction news, while non-enthusiasts are probably seeking price data and unbiased vehicle information.

Third, look into how you can appeal to different segments of your customer base. Sharing vehicle specials is a good tactic for connecting with a general audience. Notifying shoppers of new vehicles in your inventory will attract enthusiasts.

And if you need more ideas, visit our consumer blog – we add new content multiple times a week.

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