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What’s Hot on the CarGurus Consumer Blog: April 2016

Posted by Ashley Karr on May 20, 2016

The news and reviews on our consumer-facing blog,, help shoppers make more informed purchase decisions. (There’s content for enthusiasts, too. Check out this feature on how the Ford Mustang sells in Germany.)

Once a month, we look at the CG consumer blog’s analytics to identify the most popular posts. Read on to find out what digital shoppers were interested in last month.1. The 10 Best SUVs for Less Than $15,000

No surprise that this was our most popular consumer blog post in April. SUVs are red-hot in today’s marketplace, helping to drive sales gains at truck-heavy brands like Ford and Jeep.

In addition, many CarGurus shoppers are price-conscious: Half of CG users filter for price when searching for a vehicle. 

2. Meet Vinder: Our New Car Matching App That Helps People Discover Cars They Wouldn’t Normally Meet

Vinder may have been our April Fool’s project for 2016 – but it’s also a real product from the CG engineering team.vinder-logo.png

Click here to start swiping and find your match! Note that Vinder works best on mobile.

3. Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 on Opposite Ends of Crash Test Ratings

Recent changes to the F-150 made it better at withstanding certain kinds of crashes. Meanwhile, the Ram 1500 uses an older design that hasn’t been optimized for the latest crash tests.

With so many new and used shoppers choosing pickups, this post on truck safety proved to be April’s third most popular.

4. Car Punching: The Auto Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Shoppers are getting wise to the practice of punching. It’s especially common among luxury brands, which are increasingly offering leases on “punched” vehicles and lease returns.

There’s a lot of interest in luxury makes on CarGurus – the BMW 3 Series is actually the fifth-most-popular vehicle on the site – and shoppers appear interested in learning more about punching.

5. After 10 Years of Waiting, Here’s the Tesla Model 3

The popularity of Tesla’s newest model caught both the auto industry and Wall Street by surprise. Shoppers put down more than 300,000 deposits for the Model 3 in the weeks after it was announced.

Whether Tesla will be able to launch Model 3 next year, as promised, remains to be seen. Still, it’s worth watching Tesla and other EV players to gauge consumer interest.

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