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WATCH: Adapting to the current shopper landscape with Pre-Qualified Leads

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on May 6, 2021

One of the most recent trends that have come to light due to Covid is consumers’ increasing preference for online financing. More than half (52%) of shoppers now would prefer to handle this process online, compared to just over a third (36%) before the pandemic.* It’s become a crucial part of the buying journey, helping shoppers save time and feel more financially prepared. In fact, Pre-Qualified Leads on CarGurus increased 78% from January 2020 to September 2020.**

At CarGurus, we understand that online financing isn’t important only to shoppers—financing is a crucial profit center for you, our dealer partners. That’s why we continue to make enhancements, including the addition of deal summaries and Westlake Financial Prime loans, to our Pre-Qualified Leads offering. The result is improved overall lead quality and in-store efficiency for your dealership, while still giving you control and flexibility over your critical financing operations.

In the 10-minute video above, we’ll explain why it’s so important to offer online financing options and how to capitalize on CarGurus Pre-Qualified Leads. Watch to learn:

  • About changing consumer preferences and the current shopper landscape (Starts at 0:21)
  • What steps CarGurus shoppers take to become Pre-Qualified Leads (Starts at 3:58)
  • Best practices for effectively connecting with and closing Pre-Qualified Leads (Starts at 5:42)
  • What this means for 2021 and beyond (Starts at 8:24)

Learn more about CarGurus Pre-Qualified Leads.

Download email lead response templates.

*CarGurus COVID-19 Sentiment Study, November 2020
**CarGurus email leads submitted by pre-qualified shoppers to financing-enabled paying and Restricted dealers from January – September 2020. Includes content supplied by IHS Markit; Copyright © IHS Markit 2021. All rights reserved. Lead analysis based on IHS Markit 2019 & 202 Registration Data.
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