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Warren Henry Auto Group Boosts Its Close Rate With CarGurus

Posted by Ashley Karr on September 26, 2016

South Florida’s car market is red-hot. Our own data shows that the number of CarGurus users in the Miami area has more than doubled in the past year.

Warren Henry Auto Group is well-positioned to take advantage of this growth, with 6 dealerships in South Florida – including Broward County’s first Lamborghini store.

So how is Warren Henry capitalizing on market trends to win more sales?Importantly, the group is active on a variety of online channels. This approach maximizes its exposure to shoppers as they search the web for cars.

But Warren Henry is also quick to identify which channels are producing leads in the most cost-effective manner. That’s why it began ramping up its activity on CarGurus, group internet director Peter Quinones tells us.

“CarGurus shoppers have already closed themselves on the price,” he says. “They already know that they’re getting a good deal.”2015_lamborghini_aventador_base-pic-4756877678957247314-640x480-590x443.jpeg

As Peter describes, CarGurus’ unique analysis helps shoppers understand whether they’re getting a fair price. That means they’re less likely to haggle when they arrive at a dealership – something that the Warren Henry Group has observed with CarGurus shoppers.

CarGurus leads consistently close at a higher rate than leads from other sources, Peter says.

And as car shoppers continue to depend more on the web – it’s “where people are shopping for cars,” in Peter’s words – CarGurus will continue to be a trusted partner. Today, 35% of Warren Henry’s web leads come from CarGurus.

Learn more about the Warren Henry Group’s success: Download their story here.

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