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UPDATE: Understanding the CarGurus Offers test

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on February 5, 2020

Update: Offers test enters new phase

We heard a lot of very helpful feedback on the CarGurus Offers test, which will be valuable as we continue to build an inventory acquisition channel to benefit all our dealers.

The test is now moving to a new phase, in which we are testing CarGurus Offers only in the Sell Your Cars area of our site, targeting consumers selling directly to other consumers that may want to get more immediate offers from dealers instead. We are also preparing to add more dealers in our future testing. Offers is not exclusive to any one partner, our intent is to eventually build an offering that can work for all interested dealers. We are no longer testing Offers on post-lead VDPs.

We know inventory acquisition is an ongoing challenge for dealers, and we believe that we can help. For years, we’ve been working with multiple partners to test new ways to help our dealer customers acquire the quality used cars they need to fuel their business. We’re excited to find new avenues to help you address the growing challenge of inventory acquisition in a balanced, cost-effective manner.

If you’d like to be a part of the next wave of testing, please let us know here. Note that there are technical requirements to participate and limited slots available during the beta.

Original post:

We’ve seen some comments about a new feature we’re testing where we help dealers make offers on consumers’ used cars during their shopping process, and wanted to share a little bit of detail about what we’re doing.

What are CarGurus Offers?

The most important point about this effort is that it’s a test. In today’s complex tech environment, every new product goes through multiple stages of testing, and this product is currently in an alpha test with limited exposure. A potential beta test with more dealers that meet the technical requirements could follow soon.

We’ve been testing CarGurus Offers product—which doesn’t have an official name yet—for some time, with the goal of understanding how CarGurus consumers react when presented with an immediate purchase offer for their vehicle.

We’ve tested “Sell Your Vehicle” buttons in various locations, including on VDPs after users submit leads.  As a result of the tests, many of the “Sell Your Vehicle” buttons on the website will direct consumers to the CarGurus Sell My Car page going forward. The purchase offer is primarily displayed to consumers interacting with our Sell My Car page, as well as those creating listings on our peer to peer (P2P) marketplace.

Who are you working with and can I get involved?

We picked a few potential partners to work with during the testing. After discussions around our timeline and required technical environments, we engaged with Carvana for early testing on our website. As we continue to test CarGurus Offers, we’ll be looking to chat with dealers that are interested in providing their own cash offers to CarGurus consumers.  There’s no exclusivity around this test with any specific dealer or dealers, so let your rep know if you’re potentially interested in participating and when and if we’re ready to expand the test we’ll reach out if appropriate.



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