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Another Great Reason to Activate SSL: Improved Analytics

Posted by Ashley Karr on August 16, 2016

We recently posted about this blog’s switch to SSL. The only difference you’ll notice is the “https” in your browser address bar, but SSL promises greater security, more confident users, and higher search rankings.

There’s one additional benefit to SSL that we thought deserved its own blog post: better analytics.

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Topics: analytics, attribution, dealer websites, security

Why We’ve Activated SSL – And You Should Too

Posted by Ashley Karr on August 8, 2016

Next time you visit your bank’s website – or – take a look at the full URL. You’ll see “https” instead of “http” at the beginning of the URL, signifying that you’re accessing the site via a secure connection.

Now, the same level of security you expect for your personal or financial information is being used on What prompted us to enable SSL on the CarGurus dealer blog? 

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Topics: CarGurus news, dealer websites, security