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Using Google Analytics to drive more effective sales

Posted by CarGurus Admin on June 13, 2018

Your data is your most important sales resource

Closing a sale at your dealership is led by knowing your buyer, from preferences to budget, and more. Having those same data points for online shoppers is key to driving leads to your dealership.

Getting to know a potential car buyer in your dealership is easy. Talking, asking, listening, advising—it’s the car salesperson’s mantra.

Getting to know your online shoppers, though, can be an entirely different proposition.

  • You can’t really talk to them one-on-one
  • You can only ask limited questions
  • Listening and advising isn’t as dynamic as a face-to-face conversation in a dealership

This may appear to paint a bleak picture for online lead generation and conversion, but it overlooks a simple yet powerful tool that also happens to be free of charge: Google Analytics.

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Survey says: car buyers moving faster, doing more research online

Posted by CarGurus Admin on August 8, 2017

Digital marketing provider Netsertive released a study last week that confirmed several trends in car shopper behavior: 

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Surging Popularity of Crossovers Reflected in CarGurus Lead Data

Posted by CarGurus Admin on December 19, 2016

Perhaps you’ve heard that crossovers – Honda CR-Vs, Ford Escapes, Chevrolet Equinoxes, et al. – are now the nation’s most popular new-vehicle segment.

Turns out, their popularity extends to the used market, too.

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Platform Deep Dive: Return of the Mac Edition

Posted by CarGurus Admin on August 18, 2016

While the internet is moving towards mobile – and this holds true at CarGurus, which gets 62% of its user traffic from smartphones – desktop computers aren’t going away.

After all, people still prefer desktops for making purchases. Sixty-six percent of online consumer spending happens on PCs.

Auto shoppers continue to rely on desktops, as well. So let’s take a closer look at desktop use on CarGurus. How does the CarGurus user base split between Windows and Mac? The answer may surprise you. 

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Lead-Gen Report: Where Do Shoppers Submit the Most Leads?

Posted by CarGurus Admin on August 3, 2016

The CarGurus platform handles more than 20 million unique visitors every month, and hundreds of thousands of those people submit leads via email or phone. That gives us a unique level of insight into what auto shoppers are interested in – and where in the country they are most active.

For this lead-gen report, let’s take a look at regional lead data to identify which cities have the most engaged digital auto shoppers.

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Major Life Events Drive Millennial Interest in Car Ownership

Posted by CarGurus Admin on June 6, 2016

We recently explored auto buying habits for younger Millennials – those just out of college. Contrary to much of what has been reported in the media, these young people are interested in buying cars and trucks.

It may be the case that passing a major “life milestone” (i.e., graduating from college) is what spurs young shoppers to start searching for a car. With that in mind, it’s interesting that older Millennials, those aged 25 to 34, also appear to be jumping into the market. 

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iOS and Android Lead All Platforms Among Auto Shoppers

Posted by CarGurus Admin on May 5, 2016

If you use a smartphone, odds are you’re either a die-hard iPhone fan or a committed Android user. Other operating systems have come and gone in the past decade, but iOS and Android now split about 98% of the US smartphone market.

What you may not expect is that the two OSs are the most popular platforms for accessing – even more so than Windows or Mac OS.

But they are, and by a wide margin.

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Have Millennials Abandoned the Auto Market? Our Data Says No

Posted by CarGurus Admin on April 28, 2016

A lot has been made of Millennials’ ambivalence about buying cars, and it may be true that young people are getting driver’s licenses later than past generations. Just-released data shows that the number of 16-year-old licensed drivers is at an 50-year low.

But among older Millennials – people in the 25-34-year-old range – interest in car ownership appears to be growing.

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What Are The Most Popular Vehicles To Buy Used?

Posted by CarGurus Admin on March 21, 2016

It’s a simple question: what are the most used popular vehicles on CarGurus nationally? We now have more than 18 million monthly users in the US, so our used-vehicle stats provide a solid picture of the used-car market as a whole.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five used vehicles on CarGurus.

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Truck and SUV Sales on CarGurus: ‘Large’ and ‘Luxury’ Are the Themes

Posted by CarGurus Admin on March 8, 2016

In January we identified which luxury vehicles are more popular on CarGurus (in terms of lead submissions) than their share of the new-vehicle market would suggest.

This month we’ll ask the same question about trucks and SUVs. Which of these vehicles were “overrepresented” on CarGurus in February?

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