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The Power of the CarGurus Pricing Tool

Posted by Ashley Karr on April 4, 2017

You may have heard about CarGurus’ new Dealer Resource Center – it features informative content to help you improve your sales and marketing, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most from your CarGurus account.

In the “tips” category is our latest video, which explains how you can use the CarGurus Pricing Tool to price your vehicles more efficiently.

What can the pricing tool do?

Available in the Dealer Dashboard, the tool lets you see how price adjustments affect where your your listings rank in shopper searches.


We display search results in order of customer value, with “Great” deals appearing at the very top. If you want to optimize for search ranking – and increase VDP clicks by as much as 40% – your vehicles should have a deal rating of Fair or better.

After all, search ranking goes on to affect lead traffic: 90% of CarGurus leads are submitted on vehicles that are Fair, Good, or Great deals.

The Pricing Tool can help you start adjusting your vehicles’ deal ratings for maximum results. Learn more about how the Pricing Tool wins dealers more leads by reading this Success Story. Or, watch this 1.5-minute video to get the highlights of what the tool can do:

Wondering if the Pricing Tool is included in your listings package? If you have an Enhanced or Featured package, the answer is yes. (Basic dealers: visit this link to get more info about what’s included in a premium listings package.)

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