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The CarGurus commitment to racial justice

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on July 8, 2020

This post comes from CarGurus President and COO Sam Zales, on behalf of the entire organization.

At CarGurus, we stand against discrimination and bigotry. We stand for racial justice. We stand with the Black community. We strive to build and nurture a global culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative, and we aspire to improve our organization by increasing diversity in our community. 

We recognize that racial injustice and violence in America are longstanding and systemic issues that many of us who have the privilege of not having to think about every day are just starting to really understand. 

These aren’t new ideas for us, but recent events have made clear that we need to learn more, speak out, and take action, knowing we will have to iterate our approach along the way.

Knowing that we have a lot to learn, we’re actively gathering input from multiple employee groups dedicated to supporting Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), and championing diversity and inclusion to understand how we can help and what we can do to make a difference.

As a company, we’re committed to doing more to create an organization that consistently works towards better equity and inclusion. Here are some of the immediate steps we’re taking to make a difference now and to learn how we can make more of a difference in the future.

Educating employees and customers

Internally, we’re continuing our Upstander and Unconscious Bias training programs, as well as exploring new courses on issues of inclusivity and diversity. We’re also providing a stipend for employees to spend on learning about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, as well as a curated list of recommended books, movies, and other resources. We’re working with our diversity-focused employee groups to provide resources and support to our Black employees and other people of color. Finally, we recognize that the current situation can be difficult for anyone, and we’re encouraging employees to use their personal time for self-care or to take individual action like volunteering.

Externally, part of our commitment includes helping dealers who share our desire to learn more and improve their own efforts towards diversity and inclusion. For the dealer community, we are planning to offer training and/or educational materials on topics such as ensuring diversity in hiring, equitable management, and understanding and working with customers from underprivileged groups, to help dealers who are looking for assistance in building a more equitable environment for their employees and their customers. Additionally, we’re committing to helping foster connection between underrepresented groups in virtual and in-person CarGurus events.

Supporting racial justice

One of the most direct steps we’re taking right now is financial support of organizations that are doing the hard work of advancing the cause of racial justice. We’re planning three new types of donations right now:

  • $50K directly to organizations dedicated to racial justice and related causes
  • An additional $50K matching employee donations to organizations they support
  • Additional contributions to racial justice organizations that our dealer customers are supporting — details to come. 

These contributions are in addition to our existing charitable giving program, which donates a portion of CarGurus’ annual profits to a wide range of organizations that our employees are involved in. 

What next?

We know that we have a long way to go – both in creating a truly equitable society, and in our understanding of our role in that process. While these initial steps are setting us on that path, we’re committed to continuing to take steps to support our employees, our customers, and the wider community on that journey. 

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions of other resources that would be helpful or steps we could take, please email us at

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