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Survey says: car buyers moving faster, doing more research online

Posted by Ashley Karr on August 8, 2017

Digital marketing provider Netsertive released a study last week that confirmed several trends in car shopper behavior: 

  • 67% visit just one to two dealerships before making a purchase
  • 46% used consumer reviews as part of their research — the most popular option
  • 50% of shoppers used mobile for at least some of their research

While this isn’t exactly groundbreaking material, it’s good to see confirmation of the trends our customers have reported and our own research has revealed. It’s also a reminder that dealers small and large need to be putting time, effort, and money into digital marketing, and making sure that includes a mobile focus.

There were also a couple of interesting newer nuggets in the Netsertive data:

  • 41% of shoppers spent less than one month from starting research to making a purchase
  • 45% of buyers started their research already knowing what brand they wanted, but unsure of the dealership

A buying cycle under a month doesn’t give you much time to build up a relationship with a prospect  — especially when they’ve already narrowed down their search to a particular brand. And given the note that younger buyers tend to be on the faster side of the purchasing cycle, that’s a trend that’s likely to continue. For dealers, that means the keys to success are responding quickly and being as transparent as possible to get right to the bottom of the funnel. 

Read the full survey results

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