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Southern States Home to the Nation’s Happiest Car Shoppers

Posted by Ashley Karr on February 4, 2016

Maybe what they say about Southern hospitality is true.

Southern dealers dominated our first-ever study of auto shopper satisfaction. After diving into our user-review data, we found that four of the top five cities for shopper satisfaction are in the South.

Here are the top performers. The percentage listed is the proportion of that city’s dealer reviews that are 5 stars.

  1. Nashville, TN (57.5% 5-star reviews)
  2. San Diego, CA (56.9% 5-star reviews)
  3. Austin, TX (56.1% 5-star reviews)
  4. Memphis, TN (55.8% 5-star reviews)
  5. Birmingham, AL (55.2% 5-star reviews)

While the South performed admirably, the top five cities aren’t hugely ahead of the rest of the country. Nationally, 52.3% of CarGurus reviewers give dealers 5 stars.

And while CarGurus’ hometown of Boston only landed in the middle of the pack (52.1% 5-star reviews), we can take some solace in the fact that we beat New York. In fact, New York City came in dead last at 45% 5-star reviews.

What are happy shoppers saying about dealers in the top-five metros?

“Awesome people to work with. Quick, easy, and a great deal.”
– 5-star review, Lost Pines Toyota, Bastrop, TX

“Excellent response.”
– 5-star review, Porsche of San Diego, San Diego, CA

“The response was very quick… They answered all my questions in a prompt and professional manner.”
– 5-star review, Nashville Speed Shop, Nashville, TN

“Excellent salesmen, they really go the distance for clients. I would recommend Acura of Memphis to anyone!”
– 5-star review, Acura of Memphis, Memphis, TN

“Excellent, responded immediately!”
– 5-star review, CarMax Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

See any patterns? The best-performing dealers are responsive, communicative, and respectful of shoppers’ time. Note that only one of these comments was related to pricing: CarGurus users generally value a pleasant shopping experience over getting the absolute lowest price.

Consider these factors in your own operations – and congrats to the top-performing cities in our inaugural satisfaction study!

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