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Share Your Best Deals With CarGurus Deal Badges For Your Website

Posted by Ashley Karr on May 19, 2016

We’re excited to be launching a new product for our customers: CarGurus Deal Badges.

These badges will show up on your own website, NOT your CarGurus listings, to demonstrate to your site visitors that you offer fair, transparent pricing.

How do Deal Badges work, and why might you want to start using them?

How Deal Badges Work

Deal Badges use a snippet of HTML or Javascript to communicate with via an API.

When you have inventory on CarGurus, the badge code will pull individual vehicles’ deal ratings from The badge then displays each deal rating on your website’s SRPs or VDPs, on both desktop and mobile.

You can select which vehicles are featured with badges: those that are Fair/Good/Great deals, those that are Good/Great deals, or just those that are Great deals.


Note that any US or Canadian dealer who lists their inventory on CarGurus is eligible to use Deal Badges, even those on our free (Basic) listings package.

Deal Badges have been tested with the most popular site hosts, including, CDK, Dealer Inspire, and others. Contact your host to determine if they will support Deal Badges: you can direct them to this page for configuration information.

Why You Should Install Deal Badges

Today’s auto shoppers are better-informed about vehicle pricing than ever before. Nearly 80% of auto shoppers say they won’t buy a car without first getting third-party price information.


Think of how you shop for a flight or a gadget: you’re not going to buy the first one you see. Instead, you’re likely to do some research to learn how much you should be paying.

CarGurus does this research on behalf of car shoppers, analyzing millions of listings every day to assign deal ratings to every vehicle listed on CarGurus.

Now, you can leverage CarGurus’ independent analysis on your own site. CarGurus Deal Badges validate your prices as fair (or better), enhancing your image with shoppers and ultimately helping to drive more leads through your site.

You can learn more about Deal Badges here. For Deal Badge configuration details, click here. And if you need support setting up Deal Badges, you can email us at

Not yet a CarGurus customer? Learn more about CarGurus by calling us at (855) 501-6559 or clicking here.

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