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Publish Your CarGurus Reviews to Facebook and Twitter With New Social Sharing

Posted by Ashley Karr on June 19, 2016

We’re excited to introduce a new feature for CarGurus dealers in the U.S. and Canada: social sharing in the Manage Reviews tab of the Dealer Dashboard.

While it’s always been possible for you to share your reviews on social media, you had to do so manually (i.e., copy the link to the review and paste it on your social media page). Now, with sharing buttons inside your Dashboard, you can publish reviews in just two clicks.

To view the new social sharing options, navigate to the Dealer Dashboard and click the Manage Reviews tab. The buttons appear next to every published review:


When you click either button, a new window will open. You’ll be prompted to log in to Facebook or Twitter, if you aren’t logged in already.

On Facebook, you may want to change where the review is shared by clicking the “Share on your own Timeline” drop-down:


If you are a manager or administrator on your dealership’s Facebook page, you can select the “Share on a Page you manage” button to publish the review there.

Sharing to Twitter is simpler – just check that you are logged in to the right Twitter account by looking at the icon in the top right. In this example, I’m logged in to the @CarGurusDealers Twitter:


Clicking “Tweet” will publish the review on @CarGurusDealers’ timeline:


On both Facebook and Twitter, you can customize the message that accompanies the review link. We recommend writing a unique message for each review you share.

You should also whitelist with any ad-blocker or privacy extensions you may use (like AdBlock, Ghostery, or Disconnect). These extensions can limit the functionality of social sharing tools.

Social sharing is available now for all US and Canada dealers on CarGurus, even those with a free (Basic) listings package. Try it out today!

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