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Product update: Deal Rating Badges form fix

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on February 18, 2020

Our deal rating badges are designed to give shoppers on your website the validation they need to feel comfortable buying your car. We were recently made aware of an oversight that led to our marketing emails being sent to users who filled out lead forms linked to the badges. That’s clearly not the desired behavior – for us or for you – and we fixed it immediately by taking down those lead form links. The fix went live today, Tuesday Feb 18th.

Fortunately, it only affected a very small percentage of traffic: it only occurred on desktop leads, not mobile, and only if you chose to set up your deal rating badges to link to a lead form, which isn’t the case for most dealers. In addition, the badges are very rarely clicked – only about half a percent (0.5%) of users who see badges actually click one.

Deal rating badges are intended to enhance the shopper experience on dealers’ websites. Emails from CarGurus shouldn’t be part of that, and won’t be any more. We apologize for the mistake.


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