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Planning your agenda: here’s what’s on tap at Navigate

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on September 7, 2021

Navigate is just over one month away, and we’re set to deliver our most exciting agenda yet!

This year’s conference will be held virtually from October 13-15, 2021. The new kind of auto conference will connect dealers from around the country online for a packed program that enables dealers to learn, share, and discover the latest automotive trends and innovations, all in one place.

The back-to-back live broadcasts will cover the hottest industry topics, including inventory management, fixed ops marketing, and brand building, alongside exclusive CarGurus product reveals. Sessions are organized by theme so you and your team can plan your day(s) around what’s most important to fueling growth for your business:

  • Day 1 – Looking ahead: the future of CarGurus and the automotive industry
  • Day 2 – Getting tactical: branding, marketing, and operations
  • Day 3 – Data deep dive: the latest auto trends and insights

With so much to experience at Navigate, we’ve highlighted some of the sessions you won’t want to miss below.

Discuss game-changing solutions to industry challenges

Tune into panel discussions with automotive leaders for their insights and advice on a variety of topics, including the future of automotive and inventory acquisition.

Sessions to attend:

  • Getting Ahead: Tips for Adapting to Disruption in Auto Retail
  • Dealer Panel: Adapting to 2021 Inventory Challenges

Uncover new strategies to help you excel in your role

Whether you’re just starting out with digital retail or you’re looking to build up your dealership brand, our sessions will help you refine your skills and expand your knowledge.

Sessions to attend:

  • Daily Performance Hacks Every Dealer Needs Before 2022
  • Building an Impactful Dealership Brand in Today’s Economy
  • Your 2021 Fixed Ops Digital Gameplan: Attract, Grow, Retain, Repeat

Dive into the latest industry trends with experts

We’ll cover some of the most pressing industry trends and issues, such as changing consumer behavior, supply trends, and the continued impact of COVID-19 on automotive.

Sessions to attend:

  • 2021 Car Shopper Insights—and How to Adapt in an Always-On World
  • Ahead of the Curve: Industry Trends that Will Define 2022

Get a peek at what’s on the CarGurus product roadmap

CarGurus executives will share exclusive announcements and product reveals focused on helping dealers do what they do best: sell more cars.

Sessions to attend:

  • More than a Marketplace: CarGurus Executives Share Our Vision for the Future
  • CarOffer and CarGurus: Optimizing Wholesale to Drive Profitability for Dealers

To get the low-down on each session and get tickets to the event, visit

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