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Our promise to dealers: A message from CarGurus COO Sam Zales

Posted by Sarah Pekala on March 9, 2020

(Click here to watch the Q&A webinar and read the original blog post)  

Since holding our live Q&A webinar on February 21st, we’ve had many one-on-one conversations with our dealer customers and received a lot of constructive feedback on the impact of the cash offers test. We truly appreciate every comment we’ve received. As a result of your feedback, we’ve removed Carvana from all of our cash offers testing. The next phase of cash offers testing will be with a broader set of dealers.

We are listening, we’re learning, and we want to hear from you. We promise to be much more thoughtful about our test partners and how our tests impact our customers. We’ll do a better job of communicating about product and program changes that could impact you. There are several ways we will do this:

  • We’ll invite more dealers like you to our Guru board, a group of dealers who give us feedback on significant new tests and product ideas through monthly surveys. Look for an email soon with details on joining this group.
  • We’re going to conduct live Q&A webinars on a more regular basis, with different CarGurus executives and topics, to give you more of a chance to get your questions answered.
  • We’ll let you know about tests and product changes in other ways—including direct outreach from our account managers, in our monthly newsletter, and in our dealer blog.

In this video, CarGurus President and COO Sam Zales gives a detailed outline of the concrete next steps we’re taking to ensure we’re communicating more frequently and delivering a strong ROI for our dealer partners.


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