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Options, options, options! A must for being successful on CarGurus

Posted by Mark Duly on May 7, 2018

With 95% of car shoppers using digital as a source of information, the value of adding options to your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) cannot be overstated. Shoppers are searching for vehicle details, identifying value-added options, and looking at vehicle photos—all before ever stepping foot on your lot.

If you’re not providing this critical information on your VDPs, you could be missing out on countless sales opportunities—and overlooking a simple yet effective way to increase your success on CarGurus.

Adding options can give your cars better deal ratings

To calculate our deal ratings, we compare the asking price of a vehicle to its CarGurus Instant Market Value (IMV), and factor in dealer reputation. The IMV takes into account millions of data points, including make, model, trim, year, mileage, vehicle history–and, critically, options. Making sure your vehicles have the right OEM options and trim marked is a simple way to improve your IMV and can move an Overpriced or Fair deal rating to a Good or Great deal rating.

Options give your VDPs a competitive advantage

Because CarGurus’ search results are sorted with the best deals on top—not by how much you pay us—it’s important that you give your VDPs every advantage, including adding options.

If a consumer searches for a vehicle with leather seats, but you haven’t marked off this option on your VDP, then your vehicle isn’t going to show up in the relevant search results. Listings with options accommodate website filters, appear in the correct search results, receive the appropriate deal rating, and, ultimately, generate more valuable connections for your dealership.

CarGurus makes it easy to edit your VDPs

Options don’t always transfer over from your inventory host, but updating them on CarGurus is easy and can have a huge impact.

You can quickly see the percentage of your inventory that’s missing options on the Insights tab in your dashboard. And, if you have a paid listings package, sign in to your dashboard to edit your inventory using the Pricing Tool:

  • Click the Dealer Pricing Tool tab
  • Tick the box next to Show Only Listings Without Options to see the inventory that needs to be updated
  • Tick the boxes next to the OEM options that apply to your vehicles
  • Click Save

Accurate inventory means more eyes on your vehicles

CarGurus has the largest audience of ready-to-buy shoppers. If you’re not updating your inventory with options, you could be missing out. Use your VDPs as an opportunity to describe what makes each of your vehicles unique.

Need to update your inventory? Sign in to your dashboard and use the Pricing Tool to edit your VDPs. (Not a customer yet? Get more info about what’s included in a paid listings package.)

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