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2019 so far: CarGurus product updates, new features, and more

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on July 29, 2019

Our engineering and product teams have worked throughout the past few months to improve our platform and create more opportunities to drive more results for CarGurus dealers. We recently launched a number of updates that should make it easier for dealers to maximize their success on our site. Here are some of the key additions:

New product: Highlight


In June, we launched a brand new product that helps you target a highly-committed audience of shoppers on CarGurus by showing a selection of your vehicles in new, exclusive listings slots beyond the first SRP. Highlight lets you boost specific inventory in these listings slots, which show at the top of every SRP after the first page, and every 10 listings on an endlessly scrolling mobile screen. Plus, for the first time, you’ll be able to influence the type of vehicle being promoted with an inventory category choice. Learn more about Highlight here.

Dashboard update: find cars that are close to the next deal rating


Easily discover which of your vehicles are close to a better deal rating using the new filter, ‘Price Change to Next Best Deal Rating,’ in the Dealer Pricing Tool. This feature makes it even easier for dealers to find opportunities where a small price drop could improve a vehicle’s deal rating and search rank. Try the new feature today to see if you have any vehicles that are just $100 away from a good deal.

Dashboard update: guidance on no price analysis and missing deal ratings


See why your listings didn’t receive a price analysis or deal rating with this new update in the Dealer Pricing Tool. Using this information, you can update vehicles that are missing a rating due to missing price information or mileage.

Dashboard update: enhanced lead details added


The VDP and Removed Listings Activity tabs in your Dealer Dashboard now include detailed lead and connection information for each of your active and past listings.

Use the information to:

  • Easily find individual email and phone leads
  • Dive into shopper information for these leads
  • Recognize if shoppers who purchased a vehicle started as a CarGurus lead
  • Improve your dealership’s attribution and marketing

Listings update: Instagram links now supported


You now have the ability to link to your dealership’s Instagram page from your CarGurus account. It will display alongside your Facebook and Twitter pages shown on your VDP. Link your Instagram in your Dealer Dashboard under the ‘Settings’ tab, and you’ll see it show up on your listings shortly.

Listings update: ‘Too Many Leads’ calculation change

We have recently updated our lead cap policy. Now, leads submitted on a vehicle owned by a different dealership will not be counted towards the 30-lead cap. This means if you buy inventory at auction, it will start fresh with 0 leads, even if it was previously listed on CarGurus. Additionally, we will exclude leads older than 120 days from the cap, ensuring that your older vehicles continue to get leads.

Audience Targeting product: offsite ad enhancements


We have added Fair, Good, and Great deal rating badges within the offsite ad creative for eligible vehicles.

Interested in implementing Audience Targeting for your dealership? Click here to learn more.

SEM Plus product: expanded ad descriptions in Google Ads


We can now support the third headline and second description in Google Ads. This will allow dealership ads to take up more real estate on the Google results page while providing additional information about the dealership’s specials, offers, services, and more.

Ready to try SEM Plus for your dealership? Click here to learn more.

SEM Plus product: improved Facebook ad creatives


As a result of feedback we received from dealer customers, we have made improvements to our Facebook ad creatives that are part of our SEM Plus product. The vehicle photos on Facebook ads no longer cut off the car photo and watermark image. The ads also now show the make, model, and price of the vehicle. This allows for more information about the vehicle to be shown within the ad, which can grab the attention of more shoppers.

Want to learn more about implementing SEM Plus? Click here for more information.

We hope you find these new products and features useful. If you have any questions, just reach out to your account rep to learn more.

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