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Lead-Gen Report: Where Do Shoppers Submit the Most Leads?

Posted by Ashley Karr on August 3, 2016

The CarGurus platform handles more than 20 million unique visitors every month, and hundreds of thousands of those people submit leads via email or phone. That gives us a unique level of insight into what auto shoppers are interested in – and where in the country they are most active.

For this lead-gen report, let’s take a look at regional lead data to identify which cities have the most engaged digital auto shoppers.We first calculated the average number of leads submitted by a CarGurus user in a single session. We then compared each city to that average. As you can see below, shoppers in the South submit more leads than the average – by double-digit margins, in some cases.

Email Leads Submitted Per User, Per Session

Metro Area % more than the CG average
Houston 14.7%
Dallas 14.2%
New Orleans 14.2%
Atlanta 10.7%
Los Angeles 8.8%
Washington 8.8%
Las Vegas 7.3%
Austin 7.3%
Philadelphia 6.3%
Memphis 6.3%

Why might this be the case? We can only speculate. But consider that Southern cities also performed best in our recent look at CarGurus shopper reviews. In that analysis, dealers in Nashville, San Diego, Austin, Memphis and Birmingham had more 4 and 5-star reviews than dealers in other cities.

It may be that people in the South are generally more engaged in the car-buying process. That would make sense, insofar as cars are more indispensable in the South and Midwest than on the coasts.salesman.png

Supporting this theory is the fact that Honolulu shoppers submit the fewest leads by a wide margin: 23% less than the CarGurus average.

However, Southern gentility could also be playing a role. Dealers in the South may take less of a hard-nosed approach to selling cars, and could attract more lead submissions and better reviews as a result.

The lesson here? Shoppers in some cities may submit more leads, but making a great impression in every customer interaction will ultimately help you win the most sales – regardless of where you’re located.

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