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Jump-start the deal-making process and unlock new leads with CarGurus Convert

Posted by Beth Burke on April 22, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of CarGurus Convert, our newest digital retail solution to help you jump-start the deal-making process by providing shoppers with the online experience they expect. More importantly, CarGurus Convert will help you connect with shoppers faster, unlock new low funnel leads, and strengthen your profit centers.

Dealers enrolled in Enhanced, Featured, and Featured Priority packages are eligible to receive free early access to CarGurus Convert. With the addition of CarGurus Convert to your used car listings, your shoppers can build a personalized deal – complete with trade-in, credit check, and dealership-specific F&I products. Once the shopper has completed the process, you will receive a detailed Digital Deal Summary directly in your CRM as well as your CarGurus Dashboard.

The fact that more parts of the car researching, shopping, and purchasing journey are moving online is not a new story, but the pandemic has accelerated this trend in a significant way. More and more shoppers want to begin or fully complete the purchase online, whether for safety reasons, convenience, or simply to save time. Cater to these changing buyer preferences and unlock the power of digital retail with CarGurus Convert.


What are the key benefits for dealers?

Connect Differently. Deliver an upgraded shopper experience and draw the #1 audience of car shoppers to your inventory by offering the online experience they want. 

Streamline Sales. Save time and resources by spending less time educating shoppers and more time closing deals by connecting your online listings to your in-store offerings.

Strengthen Your Businesses: Promote profit centers by educating shoppers on the additional features your dealership offers and build a finance and insurance pipeline.

Convert Better. Win deals with lower funnel leads and close more sales by connecting with purchase-ready shoppers who have taken the time to build a personalized deal.


Interested in learning more? Visit the CarGurus Convert product site and reach out to your CarGurus account rep with any questions.



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