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iOS and Android Lead All Platforms Among Auto Shoppers

Posted by Ashley Karr on May 5, 2016

If you use a smartphone, odds are you’re either a die-hard iPhone fan or a committed Android user. Other operating systems have come and gone in the past decade, but iOS and Android now split about 98% of the US smartphone market.

What you may not expect is that the two OSs are the most popular platforms for accessing – even more so than Windows or Mac OS.

But they are, and by a wide margin.
An analysis of March 2016 traffic data shows that 38% of users accessed the site from an iOS device. A further 28% visited CarGurus from an Android device. Taken together, this means that close to two-thirds of CarGurus uniques are shopping for cars on either Android or iOS.

What about other mobile platforms? As you can see below, Microsoft’s Windows Phone accounted for 0.43% of March visits. The BlackBerry OS reprented a paltry 0.1% of visits.

And hats off to the 0.01% of CarGurus users browsing on an Xbox – it’s the console we have in our game room at CG HQ.


This data demonstrates that Android and iOS truly dominate today’s mobile market. More significantly, it illustrates just how important mobile is in auto shopping.

Here’s what you can do to reach mobile shoppers:

Take a multi-platform approach

Mobile users access both apps and websites in their search for a vehicle. Make sure your inventory is available on different channels so it’s easily accessible to shoppers.

Ensure your own site’s mobile compatibility

If you rely on a popular site provider like Dealerfire or, your website should already be responsive (i.e., mobile-friendly). In this day and age, a responsive site is a must-have. Even if you know your site is responsive, check its functionality to make sure you are providing a great mobile experience.

Take polished vehicle photos

Why do photos matter more on mobile? Two reasons: a smartphone shopper is looking at vehicles on a small screen, and most third-party sites place vehicle photos front and center on SRPs. You can maximize click-throughs to your VDPs with images that pop.

Want to learn more about how CarGurus can help you reach more shoppers – especially on mobile, where we’re the No. 1 auto shopping site? Call us at (855) 501-6559 or click here.


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