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Introducing CarGurus Digital Deal!

Posted by Beth Burke on May 11, 2022

We’re excited to announce a major expansion in our automotive retail offerings with the launch of CarGurus Digital Deal, a retail platform that allows shoppers to build a personalized, near penny-perfect deal through dealers’ CarGurus listing pages.

Why Digital Deal? 

  • Grow conversions with higher quality leads
  • Fast track sales
  • Customize every deal with your dealership’s existing F&I products and lenders
  • Deliver an upgraded online experience

Our early dealer partners using Digital Deal have seen huge success so far, with leads that are 2x more likely to close*. The launch of Digital Deal brings greater efficiency and flexibility to both dealers and consumers, with dealers able to seamlessly integrate and customize their digital retail offerings with the CarGurus platform and consumers able to start their purchase from home

Ready to unlock the power of Digital Deal? Get in touch with your account rep today or call 1-800-CARGURUS.

*Data based on a small group of pilot dealers

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