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How to convince your boss that your dealership needs to use CarGurus

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on February 23, 2018

You know your job better than anyone, and you know that CarGurus will help you sell more vehicles. There’s only one thing standing in your way: you need your boss’ approval.

Don’t let that conversation intimidate you. Carve out some time to present CarGurus face-to-face, and explain why it’s worth it for your dealership. Your boss should be thrilled that you found a way to bring in more consumer connections for your sales team!

To help with that conversation, here are three tips for convincing your boss to invest in CarGurus.

1. Identify the need for a change

The way people shop for cars has changed. Modern auto shoppers are drawn to transparency, spending hours online comparing vehicle prices, reading dealership reviews, and conducting research before making a purchase. To reach these digital shoppers, your dealership must invest in digital marketing tactics – and as the #1 most visited online car shopping site in the U.S, CarGurus should be a part of that mix.1 With CarGurus’ paid listings packages, your inventory is accessible to 26 million unique, ready-to-buy consumers every month.2

2. Let them know what they’re missing

If you’re on CarGurus’ free Basic Listings Package, you know that it’s hard to build a real connection with a car shopper through an anonymous email address. Don’t be shy about letting your boss know that – and how that changes when you upgrade to a paid listings package.

With paid listings packages, you receive the shoppers’ direct contact information, making it easy to connect faster. You also get more ways to connect with customers. On average, dealers who upgrade to the Enhanced Listings Package receive 220% more total connections.3 In addition to high-quality connections, you get access to tools that help you:

  • Brand your vehicle detail pages with your dealership’s name, link to your dealership website, address, map, and phone number so your customers can reach you more easily
  • Control your search rankings to give your vehicles more visibility versus your competitors
  • Analyze the local market so you can stay competitive and keep your inventory relevant

3. Explain how CarGurus can help your dealership’s bottom line

With 70% of CarGurus shoppers planning to lease or purchase a vehicle within three months,4CarGurus has the potential to make a huge impact on your bottom line. Our vehicle pricing validation and dealer ratings arm shoppers with the information they need to feel confident about making a purchase, leading to more sales for your dealership. Use the tools in the CarGurus Dealer Dashboard to see exactly how many consumers are interacting with your vehicles, and leverage our technology to boost your close rates.

If your boss still isn’t convinced, show them what this dealer had to say about the value of CarGurus.

Now that you’re prepared, schedule that meeting with your boss. We bet they’ll finally understand the value of investing in CarGurus as part of your overall digital marketing strategy!

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