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Getting the full picture on CarGurus leads—with Google Analytics

Posted by Ashley Karr on August 29, 2017

Most marketers will tell you that last-touch attribution—the most common way to measure marketing effectiveness—isn’t perfect. There are many steps along the customer journey, and shoppers can interact with your brand, content, and marketing materials dozens of times before making a purchase. But last touch gets used anyway, because it’s better than nothing and much easier to implement than more nuanced models.

In his post Inspect CarGurus Referral Traffic in GA, Brian Pasch at PCG Companies lays out the case for why a more comprehensive view of lead attribution is important, and uses CarGurus as his example.

He demonstrates how Google Analytics can reveal the larger contribution a service like ours can provide, and shows an example from a dealer where CarGurus had a 24:1 assisted conversion ratio, meaning for every sale that came directly from CarGurus, 24 others were influenced by us at some point in the funnel. 

Brian’s an insightful auto marketer and the organizer of the Automotive Attribution Summit, which is being held in Boca Raton November 8th and 9th. CarGurus’ own Marty Blue will be on a panel at the summit, and we’re looking forward to a great couple of days helping you understand attribution in today’s digital marketing landscape. 

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