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German Coupes, Convertibles Prove Popular Among CarGurus Shoppers

Posted by Ashley Karr on January 26, 2016

Which vehicles are most popular on CarGurus relative to their new-vehicle market share? We’ll answer this question once a month, looking at a different vehicle category each time. For this inaugural market-share report, we’ll look at luxury models.porsche-911-GT3-RS.jpeg

We consider all the usual suspects in the luxury category: BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti and so on. We’re leaving out niche nameplates like Aston Martin and Maserati because their availability on CarGurus is too low for us to get an accurate sample.

So, without further ado, which luxury vehicles were “overrepresented” among CarGurus lead submissions in December?

As you can see below, the list is dominated by German cars: German coupes and convertibles, specifically. The only non-Teutons on the list are the Jaguar XJ, at No. 1, and the Acura RL at No. 9.

Make Model New-car market share CarGurus lead-traffic share
Jaguar XJ* 0.01% 0.21%
Mercedes-Benz SL 0.02% 0.26%
Porsche Boxster 0.01% 0.13%
Mercedes-Benz SLK 0.02% 0.17%
Porsche 911 0.04% 0.36%
BMW 7 Series 0.08% 0.69%
BMW Z4 0.02% 0.12%
Audi TT 0.01% 0.11%
Acura RL** 0.01% 0.07%
Audi A8*** 0.03% 0.17%

What do we make of this data?

Some of the vehicles on the list, such as the Acura RL, moved more units in past model years. (Sales of the new RLX are tepid by any measure: Acura sold 159 of them in December. Honda sells that many Civics every 4 hours.)

For once-popular models like the RL or the Z4/Z3, the used market offers lots of opportunities to score a deal. Other vehicles on this list are simply expensive to buy new. It’s hard to find a new Porsche 911 for less than $100,000, for example – but a quick CarGurus search of the Boston area shows dozens of 911s priced under $70,000.

Smart luxury-vehicle buyers can save big by searching the used market. Between that and the relative abundance of certain used luxury models, it’s a good time to be a luxury shopper – particularly if you’re interested in one of the cars listed above.

* includes XJ-R
** RLX used as new-vehicle comparable
*** includes S8

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