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Dealer questions Q&A with CarGurus leadership

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on February 21, 2020

(March 9, 2020 Editor’s note: Click here for an update on the cash offers test and CarGurus’ promise to dealers)

Thanks to all the dealers who attended our live webinar today. We really appreciate the chance to listen to your questions and give you the honest answers.

The biggest takeaway we’d like to emphasize is that we’re listening to your concerns, and we will continue to act transparently and with integrity to be a trusted partner for your business. To reiterate:

  • We do not sell, give, or share dealers’ leads with other dealers, big or small. It simply isn’t part of how we do business.
  • We were working with Carvana and other national dealerships in the alpha stage of the cash offer test due to their tech capabilities and nationwide reach. We’re no longer running that VDP test with Carvana. As we move into the beta test, we’re looking for more dealers to participate so we can build an instant offers product that works for more dealers. Visit this page to sign up.
  • We take your feedback seriously and when we made an error with deal rating badges, we fixed it as soon as we found out.
  • Our finance partnerships with Capital One and Westlake use your existing lending relationships to move leads further down the funnel. That lets you continue to earn the same financing profits on prequalified leads. In addition, we’re looking to add more lenders. Please let us know if there are other companies for us to work with that would help you.

As a company, we strive to provide a transparent experience for not just our consumers, but for our dealers, too. Our request is that you come to us directly, through your account manager or online channels, when you have questions or concerns – we’ll always respond with honest feedback. Be transparent with us and we can keep improving the marketplace for you and your shoppers, to help you continue to grow your business.

Apologies for a few tech issues. We wanted to be transparent and move quickly, and wound up with couple of glitches.