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DD23: Digital Dealer wrapup

Posted by Ashley Karr on September 27, 2017

It took a few days to digest, but I am full of ideas and inspiration from Digital Dealer 23 in Las Vegas last week. Here are a few collected thoughts.



  • Technology provides more options than ever for dealers. The variety of digital marketing solutions, from niche technologies to broad-based marketing platforms, showed how much help is out there for today’s auto dealers. And yet…
  • Today’s tech choices are confusing and frustrating. So many vendors are promising “more leads” and “better connections” — us included — that dealership marketers must be overwhelmed. Understanding the varied offerings and how they can help has got to be a real challenge.
  • Related, we hear the refrain: “Too many dashboards!” You don’t want to be checking a half a dozen different reports every day to stay on top of your marketing performance. You need partners, not just vendors — partners that come to you with recommendations and solutions, not just data. 
  • Some of the hot topics in auto marketing aren’t going anywhere: attribution continues to be a popular subject, in one-on-one conversations and sessions alike. Until it’s a default part of every dealer’s marketing operations, we expect that we’ll continue to hear about it.
  • CarGurus clients are eager to talk! When the doors opened Monday morning, we had a rush of traffic as dealers who had questions, wanted advice, or were curious about additional products came by to say hello and talk to our team. It was great to see the enthusiasm and to talk with so many of you.
  • For anyone who’s managing a trade show booth, one recommendation: if the organizers come by and ask if they can set up a bar in front of your booth for the cocktail hour… say yes! See below.

Were you at Digital Dealer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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