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Cars sell faster on CarGurus, according to third-party study

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on July 10, 2020

At CarGurus, we’ve always believed that our emphasis on technology, transparency, and dedication to our dealer partners would give us the advantage over competing automotive marketplaces—and it has! According to a recent study by Bates White Economic Consulting, vehicles listed on CarGurus sell faster than those on AutoTrader or* Specific findings of the study include:

  • Vehicles listed on CarGurus sell 16% faster than Autotrader and 22% faster than
  • Adding a second listings site like or AutoTrader has a negligible impact, only reducing the average days on market by about 6%.
  • CarGurus provides car shoppers with more vehicle listings than those found on or AutoTrader.

The data makes it clear: dealers win with CarGurus because CarGurus wins with consumers. For more details, view the one-pager here, or visit to learn how to maximize your listings investment.

*Comparative Analysis of US Vehicle Listings Platforms, Bates White Economic Consulting, June 2020








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