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CarOffer reaches major milestone with 10,000 enrolled dealer rooftops

Posted by Beth Burke on February 15, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that CarOffer, which is now part of the CarGurus network, has reached a milestone with 10,000 enrolled dealer rooftops on its automated instant wholesale vehicle trade platform – offering our dealers more opportunities to acquire and offload inventory. The impressive benchmark comes only two and a half years after launching its Buying Matrix™ platform, a revolutionary approach to vehicle ordering that provides dealers with an instant, efficient, and cost-effective way to buy, sell, and trade inventory.  

For those who aren’t familiar, CarOffer is an innovative inventory management platform for modern car dealers to buy, sell, and trade with automation and ease. Unlike traditional vehicle auctions, which require manual bidding and vehicle evaluation, CarOffer’s proprietary Buying Matrix technology lets buying dealers create standing buy orders and provides instant offers to selling dealers. The platform works much like today’s stock market, applying instant liquidity and values to hundreds of thousands of vehicles. 

What does this mean for our dealer partners? As our combined network grows and more dealers enroll in CarOffer, we can offer more options for our dealer partners to acquire and offload used inventory from other dealers as well as consumers. 

Congratulations to both the CarOffer and CarGurus teams on this exciting accomplishment! To learn how you can acquire and wholesale inventory through CarOffer, fill out this form or reach out to your CarGurus account rep. 

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