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CarGurus partners with SpinCar to offer interactive 360° views on VDPs

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on August 11, 2021

With more shoppers vetting and narrowing their consideration sets of dealers online before ever stepping on a lot, it’s so important that you catch their attention early on in the process. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with SpinCar to provide CarGurus dealers with interactive 360° WalkArounds on their VDPs!

SpinCar is a digital engagement platform that helps build trust between buyers and sellers by bringing the physical showroom experience to car shoppers wherever and whenever they want. Ultimately, they help level the playing field, allowing the retail dealership to compete with digital disruptors of all sizes. Their proprietary technology uses static images from CarGurus listings to automatically stitch the vehicle photos together, creating a unique 360° experience on CarGurus VDPs. Because shoppers are able to interact with the 360° view, you’re able to deliver an immersive and more engaging shopper experience.

This free feature will be automatically available as part of CarGurus Featured, Featured Priority, Area Boost, and Convert packages beginning in August 2021. Additionally, CarGurus customers with an active SpinCar subscription will benefit from auto-syncing to CarGurus VDPs.

Key benefits of 360° WalkArounds

Using 360° WalkArounds allows you to deliver an immersive and interactive shopping experience that builds trust with shoppers. The transparency that 360° WalkArounds provide empowers consumers to shop confidently, which we believe can ultimately improve the quality and likelihood of shopper engagement and conversions for you. In fact, an independent study of 4,500 US auto dealers found those with SpinCar-enabled VDPs saw up to 36% faster inventory turn.*

Tips for an outstanding 360° WalkAround

While your 360° WalkArounds will be created automatically by SpinCar, there are several things you can do to ensure a high-quality interactive experience for shoppers:

  • Take at least 14 exterior and interior photos so shoppers can explore every aspect of the vehicle, from every angle.
  • Shoot photos at eye level relative to the section of the car, close-up, or feature you’re capturing.
  • Keep the entire vehicle in the camera frame as you make your way around the vehicle.
  • Fill as much of the frame as possible while keeping a little margin around the edges. This will give you some latitude and also provide space in case stabilization cropping is needed.
  • Make sure the car is centered in the frame, both horizontally (left-right) and vertically (top-bottom).

We’re dedicated to continuing to create a great experience for shoppers and dealers and are excited to roll this free feature out to you next month. If you have any questions, contact your CarGurus rep.

To learn more about SpinCar, visit

*Dominion Dealer Solutions, SpinCar-enabled vs. non-SpinCar dealerships, 2017

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