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CarGurus helps dealers gain valuable sales attribution insights with Clarivoy

Posted by Beth Burke on January 12, 2022

Attribution is one of the most complex issues facing dealers today—and it’s something that were continually exploring solutions around to support you and your unique business goals. Were excited to announce that weve enhanced our partnership with Clarivoy, an attribution tracking software, to provide a more complete view of your overall ROI with CarGurus. 

Since mid-December, our dealer partners who already have access to Clarivoy sales attribution data have been able to see a more holistic, accurate picture of how many sales CarGurus influences across all rooftops. In addition to the lead and connection data that showed up in your reporting before, you now also receive insights into how many anonymous online shoppers CarGurus drives to your dealership(s).  

Key benefits include: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the digital connections car shoppers make on the CarGurus platform  
  • Accurately attribute key sales metrics and activity to your overall marketing plan 
  • Optimize budget allocation accordingly to continue to maximize ROI 

There is no additional cost or action required with this exciting new integration. Reach out to your account representative if you have any questions, including if you’re not currently a partner of Clarivoy and are interested to learn more. 

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