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CarGurus helps dealers expand their reach with Area Boost

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on October 20, 2020

Area Boost (previously called ‘Delivery’) is one of our latest offerings that helps dealers expand their reach by showing their deliverable listings to shoppers outside their local market.

By making it easy for low-funnel shoppers to find the exact cars they want, dealers with Area Boost are able to compete in low-supply markets that they weren’t previously reaching. Especially in today’s unique selling environment when most car shoppers would prefer to use contactless services during the purchase process, this product provides a simple way for dealers to increase their exposure and convert a larger audience of shoppers. Participating Area Boost dealers see on average 40% more vehicle detail page views from shoppers in their target market.

Getting started is easy. Dealers simply:

  • Set their delivery parameter—it can be nationwide, to specific states, or to a certain radius around their dealership
  • Decide whether delivery is free or consumer-paid
  • Identify their vehicles available for delivery and exclude the ones that aren’t

Listings for vehicles that a dealer is willing to deliver are clearly distinguished on SRPs beyond their local market. Putting listings in front of more consumers helps dealers meet shopper demand and, ultimately, grow their shopper connections.

Watch the video below to hear how one dealer uses Area Boost to expand his reach and boost turn time. Or, contact a CarGurus rep to discuss the benefits for your dealership.

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