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CarGurus CEO Jason Trevisan shares his vision for the business with Automotive News

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on April 12, 2021

CarGurus CEO Jason Trevisan recently discussed with Automotive News where he sees CarGurus headed and the company’s plans for CarOffer and expanding beyond listings. In particular, he shared his views on the three pillars – listings, retail, and wholesale – that will move CarGurus from a lead-gen-oriented company to a platform for consumers and dealers to buy and sell a car.

Trevisan explained, “We want to be able to provide whatever retail features consumers and dealers are looking for. Some consumers are looking to do the whole thing, soup to nuts, online. Others want to do some things online and some things in the dealership. And so we want to be able to have that flexibility to meet the consumer and dealer where they want.”

To learn more about his plans and how he sees recent trends impacting the industry, read the full article below:

CarGurus CEO looks beyond listings for expansion

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