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CarGurus’ 2018 in review: company milestones, dealer events, top content, and more

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on January 17, 2019

2018 was a banner year for us here at CarGurus: we officially became the #1 auto shopping site in the US, our Gurus held and attended dealer events in 30+ cities, and we launched lots of new content to help you sell more cars—and it didn’t go unnoticed!

We took a moment to reflect on everything we did in 2018, and here are some of the highlights.

CarGurus hit new milestones

With more than 34.6 million visitors and over 92 million browsing sessions each month,1 CarGurus officially became the #1 auto shopping site in the US in 2018—and we haven’t slowed down. Throughout the year, we continued to grow and deliver high-quality connections to the 41,000+ dealers on our site.


We held and attended events all over the country

CarGurus launched the CG X Dealer Insights Summits in 2018, bringing our extensive research, best practices, and industry insights straight from our experts to you. We also held and attended a variety of dealer appreciation events, conferences, and more all over the country—and we can’t wait to do it all again in 2019.


We launched valuable content for you

We released research, testimonials, templates, and more on our recently redesigned Dealer Resource Center. These were some of your favorites:


Product updates and releases

You asked for new features and product updates—and we answered! From the launch of CarGurus SEM Plus and Featured Priority to Dealer Dashboard updates, which included a new rainbow slider on the Pricing Tool and a new SRP Impressions metric, we worked hard to bring our dealers more and better tools and products.


We earned awards and recognition

While we were thrilled to become the #1 online automotive marketplace, we were also honored and proud to receive awards and recognition from a number of organizations, including Driving Sales and the Boston Business Journal.


To read more about what CarGurus did this past year, check out our 2018 Year in Review.

Don’t want to miss out on what’s in store for 2019? Reach out to your rep today and make sure your dealership is set up for success.

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