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Boston Globe on how CarGurus is adapting to current state of the market

Posted by Beth Burke on April 12, 2022

CarGurus CEO Jason Trevisan sat down with The Boston Globe to discuss the ongoing supply shortages and why they may linger longer than anticipated.

“The prevailing wisdom from a few months ago was that the inventory shortage would likely abate toward the end of this year. But the tragedy and disruption occurring in Russia and Ukraine right now is creating a new concern about further supply chain disruption. Because some of the metals are sourced [from the region], and also some of the downstream flow of vehicles between Europe and the US. You’re starting to hear some sentiment that the supply chain issue in the US for autos might run even longer than originally expected.”

To learn more about how CarGurus is adjusting to the ups and downs of the car market, read the full article below:

Auto prices plateau but supply shortages could linger, CarGurus CEO says

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