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UPDATE: How to work with CarGurus shoppers who prequalified for financing

Posted by Sarah Pekala on May 25, 2020

Update: “Dealer Fees” now available in financing offers

We’ve made an adjustment to the pre-qualification process for shoppers based on dealer feedback. Shoppers who are pre-qualifying for financing will now see “Dealer Fees” added to the offer, and this will provide them a penny-perfect offer to work with you. This feature enhancement will help our dealer partners set the right expectations and minimize shopper objections during the sale. For any dealers without a listed Dealer Fee, we’ll use a state average.

Call your CarGurus rep at 1-800-CARGURUS to add your custom dealer fee.

Original post:

Our product teams have been working hard to improve CarGurus’ financing feature, the latest way we’re helping you connect with low-funnel shoppers. With the improved financing feature, shoppers are able to prequalify for financing with lenders you already work with right from the VDP. Some reasons you’ll want to use the financing feature are:

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Dealer Marketing Magazine: Why dealerships should experiment with internet lead processes

Posted by Sarah Pekala on May 19, 2020

More than ever, dealerships are being forced to adapt to constant changes. In a recent Dealer Marketing Magazine article, Ashley Karr, CarGurus’ VP of Global Dealer Marketing, interviewed Joseph Davis, the E-commerce Director at Ewing Automotive Group. They spoke about his process for handling internet sales leads and his actionable advice for sales and marketing leaders at other dealerships.

Check out the full article:

“Adapt or Die” Why Dealerships Need to Experiment with their Internet Sales Lead Processes



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Back to business: Car sales and service sanitation precautions to take

Posted by Sarah Pekala on May 18, 2020

States across the country are starting their phased process of reopening the economy. In many places, that means previously shut down dealership showrooms are opening their doors for the first time in months. Since the COVID-19 virus can survive on many types of surfaces, concerns about transmission has set new expectations for car cleanliness. As you get ready to get back to work, your customers expect a different kind of safety protocol for disinfecting cars—whether it’s for test drives or service appointments—and interacting with the public. So it’s important that you clearly communicate the steps you’re taking to keep them safe.

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How CarGurus is driving shopper engagement with Contactless Services

Posted by Sarah Pekala on May 6, 2020

We want to highlight the key initiatives our Consumer Marketing team are working on to drive consumer adoption of the vital Contactless Services dealers like you are providing right now.


We’ve added an onsite banner on that promotes safer shopping with CarGurus. Shoppers will also see an expandable modal window on the homepage explaining the new filters and what they mean.

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What’s new in CarGurus? 2020 product update

Posted by Sarah Pekala on April 24, 2020

While our workspaces may look a little different these days, the CarGurus Product teams are continuing to build new features and product updates that matter to our dealer partners. Here are the key CarGurus product improvements you can expect now, and in the weeks to come.

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Four key digital marketing trends for a new 2020

Posted by Sarah Pekala on April 21, 2020

CarGurus recently hosted a webinar with Facebook and Bosak Motors to discuss digital marketing trends for a new 2020. The participants shared many key insights over 30 minutes. Here are four important takeaways:

Update your marketing messages for the moment

Make sure to update your creative and messaging to communicate exactly what’s happening at the dealership right now. Bosak Motors updated all their messaging to advertise the services they’re offering to help keep customers safe, such as home delivery, contactless services, and online vehicle sales.

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Federal government deems vehicle sales essential services

Posted by Sarah Pekala on April 20, 2020

There may be some good news for auto dealers who’ve had to stop selling cars due to COVID-19. Last Friday April 17, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency updated their essential workforce guidelines to include vehicle leasing and sales:

“Workers critical to the manufacturing, distribution, sales, rental, leasing, repair, and maintenance of vehicles and other transportation equipment (including electric vehicle charging stations) and the supply chains that enable these operations to facilitate continuity of travel-related operations for essential workers.”

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Selling cars remotely? New CarGurus feature lets you highlight your contactless services

Posted by Sarah Pekala on April 15, 2020

As of October 2021, “Contactless services” as a filter is being phased out, and “Home Delivery” will be included in the new “How to shop” SRP filter and on VDPs.

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly reshaping our daily lives and we continue to be impressed by the creative ways our dealer partners are evolving their businesses in this new environment. Now, more than ever, our Engineering and Product teams at CarGurus are working hard to develop products to support dealers and continue connecting them with shoppers.

Starting today, CarGurus customers can highlight any contactless services that their dealership is offering directly on CarGurus. Shoppers can filter their search results based on five contactless services:

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Mental health resources for coping with coronavirus stress

Posted by Sarah Pekala on April 8, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on the world. Along with managing the changes to our daily lives, stress and anxiety about the virus can have a considerable negative impact on our mental and physical health.

 Here’s a list of coping strategies that have helped us manage the day-to-day of these uncertain times:

  • Stay connected: Today’s technology makes it easy to stay in touch with loved ones. From FaceTime to Zoom, the resources for face to face are endless.
  • …But not too connected: While it is important to keep up to date on the news and daily coronavirus developments, limiting your daily consumption can help protect your mental health.
  • Self-care: Taking care of yourself is key to making it through social distancing, quarantining, lockdowns, and life! While many may have had their daily routines flipped on their head, attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy or routine can aid in reducing stress.

During a time of global pandemic, it is important that we manage our expectations and be kind with ourselves and others. The entire CarGurus team is here to support you. We’ve compiled a list of resources to provide helpful tips, reliable information, and stress-free, fun ways to pass the time.

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CarGurus Search Results Page gets a new look

Posted by Sarah Pekala on April 6, 2020

We’re launching a new look to the CarGurus Search Results Page (SRP) this week that will improve shopper engagement.

Search results on the desktop experience will be shown in tiles, allowing for a larger photo, and direct lead and phone connections from the SRP. The new layout improves the likelihood that a shopper submits a leadresulting in more leads from more shoppers.

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