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Announcing CarGurus’ new partnership with Jay Leno’s “You Bet Your Life” revival

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on September 14, 2021

Last week, CarGurus announced a premier partnership with the revival of the Groucho Marx-inspired game show “You Bet Your Life” hosted by automotive enthusiast and entertainer, Jay Leno. Designed to drive awareness and educate shoppers on the benefits of using CarGurus, the partnership will help drive even more potential buyers to your CarGurus listings—and it begins this month!

As the show’s leading partner, CarGurus will be integrated into every episode through the “CarGurus secret word of the day,” which includes a QR code that drives viewers to to learn more about how they can find a great deal from top-rated dealers, get pre-qualified for financing, sell their car, and access other tools and resources on the site. Our logo will appear on-screen alongside a car animation to bring attention to the word, and if one of the contestants says that word during the episode, then the animation will reappear, providing CarGurus with an extra layer of brand recognition.

In addition to the increased brand exposure that the partnership brings, we’re thrilled to be able to socialize CarGurus to Jay’s vast fan base. Jay has come to be trusted by consumers for his automotive expertise and will underscore to viewers and the audience how CarGurus helps shoppers take the guesswork out of car shopping and increasingly helps them do more of the process from home.

Keep an eye out for our partnership on “You Bet Your Life,” airing this fall.

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