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What’s new at CarGurus? Quarterly product updates

Top 2020 US used car searches on CarGurus, by state

Navigate is back—and it’s going virtual!

WATCH: Looking beyond traditional economic indicators to understand consumer behavior

Highly requested features added to the Market Analysis tool

Adapting to changing consumer preferences in today’s unique selling environment

3 mistakes to avoid making with your digital marketing during the pandemic

WATCH: What you need to know about credit tightening for consumers

Stressed, but saving: understanding the pandemic’s impact on consumers’ needs for financing

CarGurus study finds vehicles are more vital than ever to today’s consumers

WATCH: Breaking down the latest in the new vehicle market

Searching for stability: riding the roller coaster of peaks and troughs

COVID-19 Follow-up study offers a glimpse into the new normal of car shopping

Low days’ supply of new inventory driving an increase in CPO sales across brands

Calling all dealers driving difference in their community! Share your story to win a Back-to-Business Kit

Cars sell faster on CarGurus, according to third-party study

The CarGurus commitment to racial justice

Pickup trucks dominate new vehicle searches in 2020 so far

CarGurus in the news: what the industry can expect next quarter

Automotive market poised for a unique, state-by-state recovery

LISTEN: A discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the used car market

What’s new at CarGurus? Quarterly product updates

New and used vehicle inventory drying up due to COVID-19

CarGurus in the news: industry insights and marketing tactics

WATCH: Unpacking the COVID-19 recession and its impact on the auto industry

Free CarGurus listings returning — with changes

5 Tailwinds that propelled vehicle sales in May explained

Meet the winners: Announcing the 2020 Best Used Car Awards

Electric vehicle demand slower to recover than other segments

How to work with CarGurus shoppers who prequalified for financing

Will limited credit availability slow car sales this summer?

Dealer Marketing Magazine: Why dealerships should experiment with internet lead processes

Back to business: Car sales and service sanitation precautions to take

Uptick in U.S. leads across all vehicle price ranges points to start of recovery

Why 2020 is an automotive year unlike any other

How CarGurus is driving shopper engagement with Contactless Services

Driving Positivity: Local dealers are pitching in to help their communities during the pandemic

Signs of a turnaround beginning to mount

20% discount in June to support dealerships during COVID-19

Declining consumer confidence delaying — but not stopping — car purchases

What’s new in CarGurus? 2020 product update

5 takeaways for car dealers in the time of COVID-19

Four key digital marketing trends for a new 2020

Federal government deems vehicle sales essential services

Will used vehicle prices plunge due to COVID-19?

CarGurus Business Update and Commitment to Dealers

Selling cars remotely? New CarGurus feature lets you highlight your contactless services

How COVID-19 is impacting consumer sentiment among CarGurus shoppers

Mental health resources for coping with coronavirus stress

CarGurus Search Results Page gets a new look

Live Webinar: Digital marketing trends for a new 2020

Why a record number of jobless claims due to COVID-19 matters to dealers

50% discount in May to support your dealership during COVID-19

How dealers can take advantage of small business financial support during COVID-19

Changes to CarGurus free and paid listings products

How to leverage your Top Rated Dealer status all year long

Making sense of economic developments during COVID-19: an overview of key indicators to watch

Supporting our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19: Prioritizing the well-being of customers and staff

3 ways to build trust through shopper reviews: Top Rated Dealer 2020

CarGurus response to COVID-19

Our promise to dealers: A message from CarGurus COO Sam Zales

WardsAuto reports on inventory challenge dealers are facing

Announcing the 2020 Top Rated Dealer awards

CarGurus in the news: omnichannel marketing and RPM

One Voice Report: Auto dealers facing inventory challenges

Dealer questions Q&A with CarGurus leadership

CarGurus receives two “Top Rated” DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards

Product update: Deal Rating Badges form fix

CarGurus’ inaugural One Voice Report reveals divide among franchise and independent dealers

Automotive News: CarGurus’ surge leads to shuffling in the listings space

Adweek: Genesis was the big winner at Super Bowl 54 according to CarGurus

UPDATE: Understanding the CarGurus Offers test

Sedans are facing an SUV/CUV takeover, CarGurus survey results find

Fireside chat with CarGurus CEO Langley Steinert: Navigate 2019 video

CarGurus acquires Autolist to expand auto shopping leadership

2020 macroeconomic trends to watch: Navigate 2019

Top dealer resources and stories from 2019

What CCPA means for dealerships: Navigate 2019

WardsAuto reports on Millennial car shoppers

Perry Hewitt’s digital marketing strategy tips: Navigate 2019 video

4 ways to handle after-hours leads

Takeaways from Navigate 2019: How to optimize your Google My Business listing

Guy Kawasaki’s lessons for car dealers: Navigate 2019

Highlights from CarGurus Navigate 2019

Your ultimate guide to attending Navigate

A car dealer’s guide to videography

What makes Navigate unique? Get inspired to innovate by tech leaders outside the auto industry

Navigate sneak peek: Luxury buyers are 2.6x more likely to be buying their first vehicle ever

Hear from dealers and speakers: Why Navigate?

Google Ads to remove average position metric

CPO buyers are especially pragmatic when it comes to car shopping, according to CarGurus research

3 simple steps for improving your dealership website

Auto Remarketing on digital marketing best practices that lead to more car sales

Convince your boss to let you attend Navigate in 4 easy steps

What sets CarGurus apart in the US

Long tail keywords: why they’re worth getting right

Next wave of Navigate speakers announced: hear from leaders at TripAdvisor, Google, and more

Industry Pulse: Could forgiveness of student loans lead to a new peak in new and CPO vehicle sales?

2019 so far: CarGurus product updates, new features, and more

Navigate 2019 early bird ticket pricing extended until July 31st

Product update: add your Instagram profile to your CarGurus account

Daymond John to take the stage at Navigate 2019

Automotive News on the impact of the dearth of recession-era vehicles

Setting the record straight on CarGurus and SEO

CG x Virtual Dealer Insights Summit is back with new insights and tips for dealers

Understanding the what and why of retargeting

Consumers still don’t know how to protect their data in connected cars

A car dealer’s guide to digital marketing best practices

Industry Pulse: it’s more than just tax cuts impacting the used vehicle market

Announcing Navigate 2019: CarGurus’ first-ever automotive conference

Understanding programmatic keyword generation and bidding for paid search

Meet the winners: CarGurus announces third annual Best Used Car Awards

Paid search 101: 5 key components of paid search campaigns

CarGurus teams up with Capital One Auto Finance to deliver even more ready-to-buy shoppers to dealers

Consumer excitement about self-driving cars is growing, according to CarGurus survey

Choosing a digital marketing partner to set your dealership up for success

Paid search: a car dealer’s path to driving more sales

Pickup truck owners feeling the pinch of rising prices, CarGurus survey finds

Announcing the 5th annual CarGurus Top Rated Dealer Awards

A dealer’s guide to car photography

Recognize returning customers to grow trust and sales

How to handle negative reviews

Once again, CarGurus wins two “Highest Rated” DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards

What sets great dealers apart: 3 social media metrics you need to track to understand your campaign’s success

CarGurus dives into car shopping journey in new 2018 Buyer Insight Report

5 tips for writing compelling copy for online automotive ads

CarGurus’ 2018 in review: company milestones, dealer events, top content, and more

How trim and options data factor in CarGurus rankings

2018 in review: the evolution of CarGurus SEM Plus

Updates to the Removed Listing Activity tab make attribution easier

The top 2018 US used car searches on CarGurus, by state

CarGurus test drive reviews give dealers another way to reach car shoppers

Why your dealership should start marketing its service department—and 4 strategies for doing it

Car shoppers not ready for EVs, CarGurus survey finds

Use CarGurus resources to connect with customers after their car purchase and stay top of mind

Key website metrics to track to ensure online success for your dealership

CarGurus helps dealers gain insight into shopper activity with key industry partnerships

Digital Dealer 25 recap

Buying cars at an auction? Use tools in your CarGurus dashboard to prepare

Podcast: COO Sam Zales talks with Brian Pasch about how “CarGurus leads the pack” for dealers

Why every dealership should embrace mobile marketing

Survey says: driving is the most popular means of commuting in the US

Carefully measuring the performance of your email newsletter leads to better content and more engaged customers

A blueprint for a successful lead follow-up process

PCG Research: “CarGurus has become the hottest auto shopping site in the US”

CG X Virtual Dealer Insights Summit recap

Dealers who create content ramp up authority, trust, and sales

See how used car prices change over time with CarGurus’ Price Trends tool

Automation makes digital marketing easy and effective for forward-thinking dealers

CarGurus announces 2018 Top Rated Dealer Awards in the US

Using Google Analytics to drive more effective sales

What’s in a subject line? More than you think

Find the pricing sweet spot with new Pricing Tool updates

Getting to know the CarGurus shopper and the disconnected buying journey

Why all reviews deserve your attention

Dealer Marketing Magazine on avoiding SEM mistakes

Understanding search engine optimization for your dealership

Options, options, options! A must for being successful on CarGurus

Full transparency: CarGurus is #1

Meet the winners: 2018 CarGurus best used car awards

How technology is helping used car dealers earn trust and stay competitive

SEM metrics that matter: the value of VDP views and cost per VDP

CarGurus unveils SEM product for dealerships as NADA kicks off

How to convince your boss that your dealership needs to use CarGurus

4 things we’re looking forward to at the NADA Show 2018

5 common mistakes you’re probably making with your SEM

CarGurus claims #1 ranking in DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards

DD23: Digital Dealer wrapup

Getting the full picture on CarGurus leads—with Google Analytics

Survey says: car buyers moving faster, doing more research online

The Power of the CarGurus Pricing Tool

Today’s Auto Shopper and the Affordability Question

Surging Popularity of Crossovers Reflected in CarGurus Lead Data

What’s Hot on the CarGurus Consumer Blog: November 2016

3 Ways to Respond to the New-Car Sales Slowdown

Warren Henry Auto Group Boosts Its Close Rate With CarGurus

Platform Deep Dive: Return of the Mac Edition

Another Great Reason to Activate SSL: Improved Analytics

Why We’ve Activated SSL – And You Should Too

Lead-Gen Report: Where Do Shoppers Submit the Most Leads?

Publish Your CarGurus Reviews to Facebook and Twitter With New Social Sharing

Major Life Events Drive Millennial Interest in Car Ownership

What’s Hot on the CarGurus Consumer Blog: April 2016

Share Your Best Deals With CarGurus Deal Badges For Your Website

iOS and Android Lead All Platforms Among Auto Shoppers

Have Millennials Abandoned the Auto Market? Our Data Says No

Pickup Sales, Prices Continue to Rise – Gas Prices Notwithstanding

What Are The Most Popular Vehicles To Buy Used?

4 Ways Selling Cars Is Like Sport Fishing

Truck and SUV Sales on CarGurus: ‘Large’ and ‘Luxury’ Are the Themes

Do Super Bowl Ads Affect Used Car Purchase Interest?

Platform Insight: February 2016

What’s Hot on the CarGurus Consumer Blog: February 2016

Lead-Gen Report: Which Cities Have the Most Vehicle Searches Per User?

Southern States Home to the Nation’s Happiest Car Shoppers

CarGurus Records All-Time High in Leads as Digital Auto Shopping Accelerates

Young Millennials Are the Fastest-Growing Segment on CarGurus

German Coupes, Convertibles Prove Popular Among CarGurus Shoppers

Platform Insights: January 2016

International CES and the Future of Mobility

Customer Success Story: Dan Wolf Auto Group

Lead-Gen Insight: January 2016

Win Digital Shoppers With Transparency

Optimize Your Listings for Filters to Boost VDP Views

Is Mobile Killing Email Leads?

Attracting the Elusive Millennial Car Shopper