2018 in review: the evolution of CarGurus SEM Plus

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on January 7, 2019

After launching our SEM Plus product early in 2018, our engineering and product teams worked throughout the year to improve the product and drive better results for our CarGurus SEM customers. Here are some highlights of what we’ve added.

Bing search

We added a second ad partner to the mix for search budget in Q4. Now you can run search campaigns on Bing and Google. While the volume isn’t huge, Bing tends to perform quite well in automotive since its demographics skew toward older, higher-income searchers.

Facebook retargeting

Previously we only offered Google retargeting as part of our product solution set, but in 2018, we introduced Facebook retargeting. Staying top-of-mind across the web and social sites is now easier with CarGurus SEM Plus.


Geo-report heat map

With the new heat map, created to give more granular insights into audience performance, you can filter by time periods, total connections, specific connection types, and device type to see where your connections are coming from.


Additional dashboard stats and insights

Your CarGurus SEM Plus dashboard displays the number of keywords and ad variations we are currently running for your campaigns. Since we launched this addition, we’ve bid on 552 million keywords and averaged 70,815 bid adjustments per day.  

Print button in the dashboard

We added print buttons to the Overview and Data tabs in the SEM dashboard to make it easier to share and distribute data, either by printing or by saving the reports as PDFs.


If you’re using SEM Plus, we hope you find these new capabilities, tools, and reports useful. And if you’re not, you can learn more about the product here, or just reach out to your account rep to get started.


Topics: dealer dashboard, product updates, SEM Plus